Melbourne's Chinatown

I arrived in Melbourne around 3 pm, checked into my hotel room at The Pensione on Spencer Street, donned comfy walking gear and set off to get to Chinatown.  I'd had little to eat and had my sights set on eating something made with duck.

I set off along Collins Street and was soon distracted by so many other things.  The ArtYarramunua Art Gallery, at 500 Collins Street, drew me in and I was so pleased to discover the works of Tommy Watson, (no relation I don't think......) but enjoyed looking at his paintings and reading about him.  Click on the link and check out the YouTube video about the artists in the gallery.  I loved reading and hearing the stories of the amazing works.

In the same building was Ken Duncan Gallery - and again I was in heaven as I explored the works on show in the gallery.  How I would (a) like to be able to take such wonderful photos and (b) afford to buy some of them.  I did manage two post cards!!!  It is well worth a visit.

On and on I went, discovering something wonderful at almost every block.  How wonderful is the shopping in Melbourne!!!!  My next stop was The Book Grocer - books at $10 or less.  How I tried to resist, but soon after out I came with a bag of books which I lugged with me on and on as I set out to find some food as I was then getting very hungry.

Some of my walkings took me slightly off track, but I continued.  I love the graffiti art in the laneways, and was surprised to see so many photographers - completed with tripods in the lanes.


While not everyone would see the "art" in this sort of graffiti - it certainly adds interest and colour to the laneways that otherwise would be dour and filled with illegal graffiti.  Now they are a tourist attraction on their own.

I soon found the entrance to China town and walked along - feeling rather disappointed really.  It looked dowdy, untidy, and not as grand as I had hoped.  I didn't go all the way up the laneway, as my feet by this stage were screaming for a rest, so I looked around and found a restaurant and went in.

I found China Red and went in.  The ordering is done on a screen at the table - though I gather from reviews, while it is interesting to do, I and others actually would like to order the normal way.  However, I was happy to get some lovely duck and vegetable dumplings which I loved, and I ordered another dish as a takeaway.  I loved the restaurant symbol on the plates.  Clever.

My weary legs carried me back along another route to the Pensione and a restful night.