Home again.....

Oh, how nice it is to be at home again!!!  As I said previously I had some regrets about not taking my laptop and my Canon camera - so now I have the task of  "catching up" with posts. 

A butcher bird has stood on my back fence and warbled a welcome home.  My garden is looking a little worse for wear (and lack of rain) but all plants will survive and I thank my neighbour for watering, but know that a good downpour of rain would have given the plants more enthusiasm to grow.   A tomato is nearly ripe, the lettuce has gone to seed - more work to be done.

But back to the stories of my journey.....

We stayed at Baybeachfront Apartments on North Esplanade at Glenelg.  Chosen for the convenience and the price.  You get what you pay for .... and while there were elements of disappointment we really didn't need to pay high prices for a bed for the night (or 7) and a place to prepare our food.  As it turns out there was some rebuilding around the pool area, and we saved a little more as we were given a discount.  Would I stay there again?  Unlikely.  But it well and truly served its purpose for us.

Walking around the area was rewarding.  Spectacular views around the beach and the Patawalonga Lake, especially early in the morning or late afternoon was always a treat.

One of the amazing houses on North Esplanade.

Another amazing house on the Esplanade.

We spent quite a bit of time in Jetty Road, Glenelg, though not spending a lot of money and one morning we caught the tram into the city and wandered around there - having lunch at the Adelaide Casino, and losing our $5!!!

In Jetty Road I found a kitchenware shop, HomeBasics and found an awesome collection of bamboo items.  Now, I already had a heavy suitcase and was reluctant to add to the weight - though well below what my allowance was on the airlines I was booked on.  However, I submitted to my urge to add to my collection and bought a Maxwell and Williams trivet, and with reluctance turned my back on other items.  (I do have a collection of bamboo kitchen tools!)

There is so much to see and do around this area that the week that we had did not do justice to it, but I had gone to Adelaide for one special reason.  My mother's 98th Birthday.