As it turns out, this trip I was on the three major airlines in Australia.  My friend booked our flight from Brisbane to Adelaide on Qantas - she always flies with Qantas as she like to take plenty of clothes when she travels.  I clearly pack much lighter.  Her suitcase was about 20 kgs and mine 15 kgs, but she can carry up to 23 kg with Qantas. 

Our flight was around 11.30 am - Brisbane to Adelaide, and we left here about 8 am.  Gee I was hungry, but she told me we would get fed on the plane.  Also we had an issue as she likes an aisle seat and I like a window seat - and I ended up squeezed in the middle - lamenting that I had not insisted on my favourite window seat, but the biggest insult was the food that was dished up.

A Chorizo Pasty - soft, and awful to taste though might have been appealing to a Chorizo fan.  It did nothing for me except leave a nasty taste - about the food and Qantas.

My next flight was with Virgin - yay, I had my window seat again, but a little hemmed in as all seats were full.  But I happily paid to have a snack and I loved the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne - not a long flight of course.

Melbourne to Brisbane was on Jetstar.  The biggest issue I have with Jetstar is that one has to climb stairs to get in and out of the plane.  I struggle with stairs at any time, and lugging a computer bag up and down with me does not help, plus my feet were aching from all my walking.  I so wish they would find a way for walkways. 

So my choice is Virgin Australia.