Abbotsford Convent

The family wedding in Melbourne was at AbbotsfordConvent.  I caught a taxi from Spencer street, and with the invitation in my hand with the address I showed it to the driver, who nodded saying he knew it and off we went.  He was an Aussie man, and we had quite a pleasant chat along the way.

When we arrived in the street listed on the invitation he drove in a gate and climbed out of the car to find out exactly where the wedding ceremony would occur as we had stopped adjacent to a car park and a gallery of art.

He returned ot the car and told me the direction I needed to go and after paying him, I set off to find the wedding venue and/or someone I knew as other family members would be attending.

I walked in the direction I was told but as I was to learn later, it was the wrong information that had been given to me.  Oddly enough I came accidentally upon the groom (my nephew) and his groomsmen, and learned the correct place to go.

Other family members were also there and we took our place in the convent for the service.  It was an amazing building – a chapel in the shape of a ‘T’ with most extra ordinary artwork in every direction.  Apparently the renovations and restorations had not long been done, and it certainly was a spectacular sight.

The wedding went off well.  The bride wore gold – much to the surprise of most of the congregation.

Later after the bridal part departed, we chatted with them and other family members at the front of the church before going to a lawned area for photos, and later the reception that was held in one of the halls.

The Abbotsford Convent complex is large with excellent gardens, a bakery, art and teaching precincts and a lot more than we were able to see.  I took a few photos in the garden and around the buildings.

The ceiling in the convent
I will go back one day when I visit Melbourne again.  I’d love to wander around at my leisure and explore this extra ordinary precinct on the Yarra Rive
Plants in the garden
Tables at the Reception