I wish ..................

Sorry dear readers, but I am having challenges.  I travelled to Adelaide just over a week ago, and with consideration of the weight of my luggage I took my little (notebook) computer, which is so slow that I am ready to pitch it (even out my hotel window!).  How I wish that I had brought my good laptop, and my Canon camera as I would have found it easier to communicate and with the camera I could have captured more interesting images.  Both are heavy - hence my decision to leave them home, but I do have regrets about my decision.  I wish they were both light as a feather and could easily have fitted into my luggage without breaking my back!!!

I went to Adelaide for my mother's 98th birthday.  Sadly she is in a nursing home and her dementia keeps her in another world.  At this point she does recognise me, but here stories are strange and confusing.  She asked me the other day about my father - whom she claims arose early each day and went swimming.  Now, I have never seen my father in bathing togs and certainly never saw him swim that I recall and the story about him getting up early to go swimming is nonsense.  When I told her I did not remember this (endeavouring to converse without upsetting her by telling her it was not true) she told me that I must be getting old as my memory was fading.  One has to laugh!!

Still we had a little party to celebrate.

(I have taken photos which fail to upload here.... Grrrrr.  My little computer?  Slow internet?)

I stayed in North Glenelg with my friend Bev from WA.  We chose to stay on the beachfront and a rather old but not too unpleasant holiday rental.  It was adequate but I would not rush to stay there again.  No major complaints, but I am sure we could do better.

We had a wonderful time exploring Glenelg, the city of Adelaide (including the Casino- and no we didn't win anything, but I guess of you only spend $5   you can't win much.) and Semaphore.  It is many years since I had been to Semaphore and I remember it more for the festival on the beachfront when I was a child and the evening Dad bought fish and chips and we opened the newspaper package as we sat on the beach and a seagull flew overhead and droppped a huge poo right in the middle of our dinner!!!!  Dad was not amused!!!

This time it was to explore - as many of Bev's relatives had lived there many years ago.

Such a quiet historical beachside area with so many historical buildings - well worth a visit or two.

I have photos - but can't upload them.



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