Family and Fun

A strange couple of days - my original plans thrown into disarray by the men of the family!  G (son) living in Finland but due home early in November wanted a family member to check a property on the Gold Coast, but his father was admitted to hospital.  Though we are no longer together I am concerned for him, so went to Brisbane on Friday afternoon and after picking up Z (from school) we went to the hospital where the medical team were just about to perform a procedure on the patient.  He has ascites - the cause yet to be determined and had some 5 litres of fluid drained from his abdomen - much of it while we were there causing much mirth as the draining bag filled with extra ordinary speed and threatened to burst!!!!

Hospital visit over we went to "summer hockey" where Z played an magnificent game.

Early next morning I set off to the Gold Coast for my very early appointment to check out the property - and oddly enough it was raining for most of the trip south.  Not heavy - but wipers were needed on and off.  As I left the Coast it stopped and never rained again that day!  Oh, how we need it.

The property passed my inspection - and I took some photos of it - especially the rain drops on the leaves at the entry.

Rain drops on the leaves
Beautiful lake nearby covered with water lilies

On the way north I needed some petrol, so turned off near Beenleigh to find a petrol station, and drove past the Beenleigh Historical Village.  As I am a volunteer at the Caboolture one I thought I would have a quick sticky beak to see how there's was.  I would love to have had a few hours to spend there, but it was back on the road.

I had been booked to attend a Writers Retreat for the Society of Women Writer's Queensland, and pondered about heading straight for the island and spending a little time with my fellow members.  In the end that is what I did.  There were two key reasons that I persuaded myself to bypass Beachmere and go - one was I had seen some bamboo growing just back from the Toc H Congeau House, and wanted to take some photos, and the other was that I was to pay for Susanna De Vries book "Australian Heroines of World War One".  So on to Bribie Island I went.

Luckily I was there in time for lunch, and later sat around with other members talking about writing.  Mid afternoon I set off for Woolworths - I need a few things for home and I had to get some cash to pay for the book.  It was then that I walked down the lane near Congeau House to photograph the Bamboo. 

Photos taken, shopping done and I paid for the book - and spent another hour or so with the group.  They decided to go to the Bribie RSL - and I decided to head back home to Beachmere.  I was exhausted.

As I drove along Welsby Parade, I couldn't help myself.  Just had to take a few photos of the sunset.



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