Sunday, September 1

Talented Maggie MacAdam

I met Margie at a networking event for businesswomen on Bribie Island a couple of months ago, and when she said she was a 'photographer' I was most interested, and subsequently met with her for coffee on Bribie Island where I learned more about her craft.

I knew that she takes photos of Scribbly Gum Trees, mostly those on a property at Morayfield and digitally enhances them to create an extraordinary piece of artwork, which she uses to develop fabric  for clothing, including scarves.  The colours and designs on the fabrics is extra ordinary.  For some time Margie had a gallery at the Caboolture Hub, and she told me that there was an exhibition opening at the Mon Komo Hotel at Redcliffe.

Yesterday, in the midst of the Sandcliffe Writers Festival, I drove over the Houghton Highway to Redcliffe to see the works in the Gallery there.  The Gallery is in the Mon Komo Hotel on the Esplanade at Redcliffe - awesome position overlooking Moreton Bay, and the art works of Margie and Jo Baker, gallery owner were worth seeing.  Wish I had a spare few hundred dollars.

The Gallery

Margie's work is on the walls, the box, and on the 'manequin'.

I loved this bamboo art work..  


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