Friday, September 13

Plovers and Frogs

Good morning, Frog.

I stepped outside this morning to greet the baby plovers as I do each morning, and  found this surprise on my back step.  I am a friend of frogs, just love them, and hope he/she visits often.

There is a lot of wildlife around here - especially birds and I have greeted two adult plovers and their two babies for several weeks now.

 I had first noticed the baby plovers when they were wandering around my back yard.  Eventually one run under the back fence and returned to the parents, but the other one ran back and forth along an area behind the water tank, and despite its best efforts could not find a way to get  back to the rest of the family.  I crept out, wary of the parents, and managed to "encourage" the baby to move further along the fence and "safety". 

Each morning and often in the afternoon I watch as the parents "escort" the babies around the park, letting any human, animal or bird which dares to wander the park, know to keep their distance from the babies.  In the past few days there has been only one adult and one baby - I have no idea what has happened, but I am hoping that the other two members of the family are wandering in another park nearby.

The baby has grown quickly, though is still much smaller than the parent.  I will miss them when they have grown up!

My cooking.......

After finding the old recipes I decided to make the flummery - I halved the recipe ingredients and it worked well for me.

Set and ready to eat.

Dessert anyone?

Strawberries are very inexpensive at the moment - and I live deep in strawberry growing country.  There are many strawberry farms around Caboolture.  I bought these at Coles at Caboolture - about $1.50 a punnet.  I wonder how much money the growers are making when the price is so low.  This store is a store that I really don't like going to - the building is old and there's a need for a huge renovation there.  Still, I save petrol by going there and not all the way to Morayfield.

I love the way the flummery has two layers - with the orange and lemon juice setting in its own layer, and the white fluffy softer top layer.  Yum.  I'll do that again.

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