Sunday, September 15

On the Road Again

I love my e-bike - but I fell off it a few weeks ago and broke a piece on the handle bars - so brakes did not work.  I pondered taking the bike back to Lancaster Bikes in Brisbane where I bought it but after the damage I caused to my car (BIG SCRATCHES!!) transporting it previously, I don't trust me and the bike rack I have, so I emailed Barry with a photo of the damage and he suggested I might be interested in using the services of a bloke on the North Coast.  He does house calls.  Now that sounded fine.

Yesterday I had a call from him - Bruce from BLIND FREDDY BIKES - and as he has a stand at the Caboolture markets (which I still haven't been to!) be called by and fixed my bike.  Oh, I am so glad I didn't have to take it to Brisbane.  Not only did he fix the bike, he gave me some other tips on using my bike.

Right now it is too hot but later today I will set off on another ride around Beachmere.  Thank you Bruce and Blind Freddy (the name because he had a blind installation business earlier.)


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