My 5W Guest

I have been a member of 5W (Women Welcome Women WorldWide) for a number of years, and the only time I have taken advantaged of the membership  benefits is when I was in Ireland in 2005, and stayed with a lovely member out of Waterford for a few nights and had wonderful hospitality.

In previous years with my travelling I have been unable to be a hostess, so when the opportunity arose last month I jumped at it.  Dulcie was from Victoria, and was a retired nurse, so we had quite a lot in common.

Two days/nights is often far too short, but adequate to connect and do a little touring.  Dulcie was a great guest.  On her last day we did a big drive - from Beachmere to Yandina and The Ginger Factory.  She had always wanted to go there, but didn't imagine that she would get there.  I was very pleased to be able to show her around!!

We bought tickets for the train ride and also the tour of the ginger factory itself.  The train ride is always delightful - with a close up look at the tropical jungle of plants, and a good look around the whole property.  Of course I love the bamboo, though I note it looks rather neglected as there are so many dead poles within their lovely plantings.

Next was the tour of the ginger factory itself, which was most interesting with our charming tour guide.  After the visit to the factory we went into a tasting room and tasted some delicacies made from product available in their shop, including a bag (discounted) of goodies which I did buy.

The tasting plate, and the  Buderim Ginger Refresher.  Yum.
From there we went up along the Blackall Range and came down through Landsborough, and headed for Bribie Island.  We did quite a tour of the island and on the ocean side looked for a venue for our evening meal, but we were too early and decided to head for Beachmere, eventually having a wonderful meal in the Beachmere Tavern - a great end to a busy day.

A long and wonderful day visiting parts of Queensland.  My 5W Guest was an excellent guest and we got on well.  I'm hoping I get more house guests!!!


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