Wednesday, September 18

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013

I regret that I am not in a position to celebrate this auspicious occasion, but feel it is my responsibility to promote this event and add it to my calendar for 2014 and have some fun with it then!!!

In Australia we were not part of the wave of pirates that roamed the world before Australia was founded, but I have dressed as a pirate on more than one occasion, so I feel that I have a slight kinship to pirateism.  I actually love the songs and the camaraderie that comes with singing and here I am in tiny Beachmere singing along with this video and having a great laugh to myself.

Actually I don't know any other pirate songs, but "What shall we do with the drunken sailor" but it is a good song to sing along with.

The last time I wore anything like a pirate outfit was many years ago - on a house boat venture into the Gold Coast, and all four crew wore black scarves with a painted skull and crossbones on the front.  I think the song mentioned above was sung on more than one occasion - it was I recall before it was illegal to be drunk in charge of a boat - and believe me I was never in charge of a boat! 

I remember several episodes of our house boating ventures - one when one of the males went to the toilet early in the morning, while the other three of us were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast.  We could hear the "pump, pump, pump" as he endeavoured to flush away his "debris" if I can put it that way.  Soon he was ankle deep in effluent, and after much embarrassment he put his head out the door and asked for help.  We don't know exactly what caused the blockage, but the two men tried unsuccessfully to unblock the system - before defeated the houseboat was returned to base for repairs.  Embarrassment, big time.

Whether it was that adventure or another, but the "captain" of the house boat read the tides wrong and we spent quite a few hours high and dry waiting for the next tide to get us back into water.

Those were great time with awesome adventures, great fishing, wonderful food and so many laughs.

Enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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