Creme Brulee

My computer had an attack (actually I lost the internet, and didn't get this post saved.  I made it with a packet mix - a product out of New Zealand.  Actually I am not normally a fan of processed or packaged foods, I try to resist, but when I saw this pack in the Coles Supermarket one day I couldn't resist and I am now hooked on it. 
 It is a brand called Chef's Kitchen - and I find there are several sites with this name/brand, so not sure about it.  I have found the products in Coles Supermarkets and note that this week they are on special (2 for the price of one), though the other recipes are included so I have a selection now.
I happily use my little torch that came with a pack of four bowls and a torch from Robins Kitchen. 


joanne said…
yumm ! did you make it? I refuse to buy a torch thing so I always end up eating custard

Di Hill said…
Yes, I bought a set of small dishes(the ones that I used for the crème brulee and it came with a torch. You have to buy the gas separately, but it works well for me. The other way is to put it under the griller, but I am pleased I can now work the little torch!

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