Saturday, September 14

Around Beachmere

I have a quiet chuckle to myself these days - about Beachmere really.  I think I should have lived in the country - but my life since the 1960's has been in big cities - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane - and at times I longed to moved out to quieter parts of our vast country.

It wasn't until I did my own "escape to the country" that I settled in Beachmere.  I had done a lot of research as I had certain criteria that needed to be met.  I didn't want a home with stairs, I needed at least two bedrooms, I didn't want to be in a noisy neighbourhood (traffic, trains, planes etc). I visited a number of towns around 100 kms from Brisbane.  I found some lovely spots to the west of Brisbane, but reminded myself that in winter it is very cold there, and hot in summer.  I  needed to be near the sea, but didn't initially find what I wanted - that is, until I found Beachmere.

Moving here in June has been a great decision, and I am so thrilled to live in this rather forgotten part of south-east Quensland.  I love the peace and tranquillity (except for the trail bikes!) - the planes fly high overhead and the sound is ok, and with a park and lake adjacent to the house, and a dead-end street, I feel blessed.

My visitor on September 13th, 2013.
The wildlife, mostly birds that visit me are so welcome and I do feed some of them.  Yesterday this little guy spent the day near my back door.  At dusk he set off on a journey to my pot plants, and today I can not find him.  I hope he is somewhere close.

The weather has been amazing - dry sunny warm days, but we so need rain.  Today it is threatening to rain.  So far nothing - just dark clouds that come over and then disappear.    I set off to get the weekend paper, and armed with my camera visited some places to take photos without the bright sunshine. 

It surely is a photographer's paradise around here.  I venture up roads just to see what I can see.  One place was on the esplanade of a little settlement with just a dozen or so houses on the Caboolture River.  The tide was low, but it was the jetties that I wanted to photograph.

I am not sure if any of these jetties are workable - clearly some are old, and the tides have washed out access to one of them.  There are old boats languishing in the sand, and not much activity at all. 

I ventured to another part of the Caboolture River - adjacent to Beachmere Road and I pass here on  regular basis as I head to Caboolture or Brisbane.

Off to do some fishing

It is such a pretty spot, especially when the water is still and the reflections are strong.  The wind was blowing and there was a gently ripple on the water.

From there I went along another road - one that I had not previously ventured.  Very interesting place - with horses and cattle on one side on a few properties, some with sheds and no houses, some clearly abandoned, and one old house which was once someone's dream home that was never realised with trees growing through it.

On the other side was mostly thick bushland or thick pine forest and again a house that must have been deserted some years ago.  Oh, it would be wonderful to learn the history of the area.


Old building - deserted

Could be easy to get lost in the dense bush

There are plenty of great photo opportunities around this part of South East Queensland.

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