A Fog on Beachmere

When I opened the blinds this morning I could see it - a faint misty fog that was very mild at the time, but enough to make me pick up the camera and head to my lake to see what I could see.

"My" lake

Then I could see the fog was increasing so I set off in the car to see what I could see to photograph around the Beachmere area.

At the river (near the mouth)  it was impossible to see anything, other than a lone pelican hoping that the fishermen had caught something and would throw the bones or offal to them.  No one was catching fish though.  A boat can be seen (with difficulty) in the fog.

A lone pelican (can you see the boat in the fog?)

The Caboolture River

Miniature ponies in the mist
Hard to see.....
On the waterfront
It was quite eerily beautiful. 


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