Wednesday, August 7

You Never Know What You Will Find

I can't recall when, if ever, I actually went right through my various collections of items - some of which have been kept in boxes for years.  I am sure that some have not seen daylight for many years, so going through them is quite fascinating as I sort them all.  I do find it hard to throw things out, but I do have several boxes to take to Mission Australia or the tip.

Today I came across a rather well worn book that I haven't seen for ages.  Age has affected the cover which seems to be disintegrating, but the book itself is readable, and inside I found something very interesting that I didn't know I had.

I vaguely remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.   I think we listened to it on the radio, for at that time there was no television.  We probably saw something at the movies, in Movietone News, which was a feature of all films in those days.

I remember being very patritotic in the theatre - which was mostly the theatre near the Brighton Railway Station a seaside suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.  I remember all the patrons standing to attention and singing "God Save the Queen" - we would have sung "God Save the King" prior to his death.  Clearly God didn't save him from dying.

Inside the book, it reads, in my mother's wonderful handwriting "Dianne Watson. Xmas Coronation Year 1953."  The price is still in it - my parents paid 12/6 (twelve shillings and sixpence in old money)

Inside was a book that I don't recall ever seeing "The Story Of A Great And Gracious Lady HER MAJESTY QUEEN MARY" in excellent condition.  Queen Mary died in 1953, before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  There are photos of her performing royal duties, and quite a story about her life.  It was written by Marguerite D.  Peacocke.

The first paragraph reads "At one minute before midnight on May 26th, 1867, a blue eyed, golden-haired Princess, first child and only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Teck, was born at Kensington Palace."

The price on the cover in pencil is 5P 1/- - does that mean 5 pounds and one shilling?  I shall carefully repack it along with some other amazing treasures.  I do hope my children and their children can appreciate it one day.  (It is listed on Amazon - two used copies at $27.)

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peter petterson said...

A bit of history there Di. Sir Ed Hillary put the Coronation out of the headlines for a day when he knocked that, Mount Everest.