Unloading my Hoards

At least all my hoarding is neat - a collection of cardboard and plastic boxes holds all sorts of memorabilia, letters, writings, and dare I say it, junk.  

A few years ago I disposed of my magazines - yes, I had kept all my House and Garden, Home Beautiful, Belle, and a lot of others as well, neatly in boxes.  Knowing that I would never have the time to read them all I got rid of them.  Sad.  Beautiful magazines which I hope ended up with new homes. I think I did endeavour to recycle them, but right now my memory of their disposal is zero.  I just know I said goodbye to them.

When I moved to Beachmere a few months ago, the boxes that had been languishing in the shipping container at my daughter's family home were shipped up here, and one by one I have gone through their contents.  I've found some amazing things.

I have a box of letters that my parents sent me - 45 years worth. I have letters from friends, Xmas letters, photos going back to 1919 - ok, I know I wasn't in them, but my dad was.  I have piles of amazing family history including an old book which I must read again.  Something to do with Lt Col Jonas Watson, who I believe is an ancestor of mine.  Search on Google for Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Watson - there are several.  A long story that I must one day check for more information and perhaps write it out for my family.

Today I disposed of several large bags of papers, a pile of books I no long want and a box of household items that maybe someone else can use, as well as some old spectacles.  I am so impressed with the guys at the Caboolture tip - they came and helped me with the boxes and bags too.  They do have a shop which they sell much of the unwanted items and I am hoping that some of my items will find a new home.

I returned home with two big empty plastic boxes.  I still have some more boxes to unpack, sort, and it is most likely that most of the contents will find their way to the tip.  Sad to say goodbye to some treasures.

I have been neat and tidy with the boxes, at least that is, until I open them up and find I have to create several piles, until they are filed again the house can look a lot messy.  Much is 'filed' in the WPB!

We all tend to hoard things - I am quite amused at what I have kept and have had a wonderful time going through them. It can be hard to get rid of items - some that were gifted to us and have special memories.

Today is a good day.  There are no piles waiting for 'filing'.  Job done. Today, that is.


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