The Birds Today

I watch most mornings to see what the plovers are doing.  The two tiny babies and their parents have made the park adjacent to my home, as their own territory.  The other birds steer clear as Mum and Dad plover get really angry, screech and attack any intruder.  My butcher birds have not been in for a feed for days, but I see them high in the branches.  Luckily they don't rely me for their daily bread (meat)!

This morning there were galahs and butcher birds around, and I wondered if the plovers had taken the babies to new ground, but soon, the plovers were back.  I saw one of the parent birds sitting on the grass, looking rather fat, but when it saw me it jumped up screeching and a baby ran from under it's cover.

The park had been "invaded" by local boys who had taken in huge piles of timber, and had created a tree house.  There was lots of banging and screaming - hammering often started as early as 6 am.  The council eventually came and removed it all and, I hope, warned the boys of the dangers of doing this in a public park.  I think their parents should have told them that doing so in their own back yard (under the guidance of adults) is one thing, but to endanger folk in a public park is no longer acceptable.

One day I will record the bird sounds that start early in the morning.  Clearly there are more birds here than I have identified - some clearly using the cover of the treetops to "hide".  The area abounds in bird life - from birds that enjoy the river and swamps, to the seabirds.

Often pelicans fly high overhead.  I love watching them - huge and often ungainly birds, they appear to glide easily in the sky.  They congregate around the area at spots where the fishermen come in to clean their catch and live on a healthy diet of fish bones and offal.  Clever birds pelicans.

Ibis - these scavengers about in the area.


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