The Benefits of Volunteering

I have a few friends and acquaintances who don't volunteer, or won't, as they see little value in it for them.  If one was to sit and consider what volunteers do, and where we Australians would be without their work, we would understand that we would not be as well off (in a community sense) if we did not have such dedicated volunteers.

The number of not for profit or community organisations is amazing - from small local organisations, to small foundations, and the larger organisations that we know.  The Cancer Fund, Red Cross, church organisations, sporting organisations - actually the list is almost endless.

There are amazing opportunities to volunteer overseas - click here for info - there are a lot of details on the website and lots of opportunities for people with qualifications.

Volunteering is something I have always done - from my days as a Brownie, Girl Guide and Ranger, later as a parent at school, in Quota International, Lions International.  As well I have been involved with writing groups, community development organisations, and an information centre to list just a few.

Even in China, I volunteered, doing extra English lessons in my own time - helping those students whose enthusiasm to learn extended beyond the classroom.

As so, after my move to Beachmere I was interested in meeting locals and contributing in some way. There are a number of local groups, but nothing appealed so I looked further and discovered the Caboolture Historical Village and eventually was interviewed and have been accepted as a volunteer on a trial basis (as all volunteers are apparently.)

I started last Tuesday - very much a BIG learning curve.  So much to take in, and I did spend some time watching the activities provided by a school group.


Here comes the train

In the garden

In my recent travels around Australia I visited many historical villages or places including the Museum at Dalby (Queensland), Miles Historical Village, Silverton in NSW, and Greenough in WA, Cossack in WA and more.

The Caboolture Historical Village is one of the best, if not THE best, though each has its own character.  The Caboolture one is huge - and it will be many days before I get to see it all.

There are some 150 volunteers, and the performances they put on for school children to give some idea of what life was like in Queensland in the very early 1900's.  I loved the school yard performance, where the students had to line up, not talk, obey instructions from the teacher and sing the national anthem of the day "God Save the King" as the flag was raised.

It is a great place - with plenty to do and see!  As a volunteer I am enthusiastic to help get more visitors to this wonderful place. The benefits to me are new friends, new skills, and a wonderful day out once a week.  The benefits to the historical village?  Mmmm, I hope I can be a valuable contributor. to their success.


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