On the Gold Coast - Queensland.

I've never been a great fan of the Gold Coast - I don't mind a visit, but I have always been disappointed when I stay.  Nothing has changed, but let's start at the beginning.

A friend has a timeshare, so has booked a week at Tiki Village overlooking the Nerang River.  Not a bad spot really, but right on the main road.

We had lunch at a cheap restaurant on the Broadwater, which was pleasant.  The most enjoyable part was the view and the seagulls that helped clean up the left over food!!  The meal was ordinary, but I confess, inexpensive.  You get what you pay for.....

Then we set out to find Tiki Village - our accommodation.  There is a lot of construction going on around Surfers Paradise (the new tram/rail system), and even at the Tiki there was construction.  We found the right street, but there was no sign, midst the construction so we had
to have two attempts at finding the place.  Very old place, but recently refurbished, the room is ok.  A one bedroom apartment overlooking the Nerang, but they are not generous with anything.  One small cake of soap - and none of the extras that my friend was expecting.

We went for a walk along Caville Avenue, which was crowded late in the afternoon, and we were surprised how many folk (clearly of middle Eastern background) - it was noisy!  We had dinner at the Life Saver's Club,   Good meal.

Then we wandered back through the dark back to the apartment.  A few glasses of wine and an 'early' night.

But it was not to be a quiet night. There were noisy parties around, sirens etc.  In fact it went on until well after 4 am.  So that why I don't like the Gold Coast.  One more night and I am back to Brisbane.


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