My Hair

I was blessed or cursed with curly hair.  Blessed because my mother loved it, and cursed because as I grew older I realised that it had a mind of its own.  When I was about 19 years of age, I had it straightened at a salon at Mt Gambier, and for years it was straight.  The information given to me at the time was that it would only be straight for months, but somehow the treatment had long lasting results. I only every had the straightening treatment done once.

Me at around 3 years fo age.

In the last thirty years or so I have only had two main hair dressers.  One was an apprentice at an up market salon I went to, and when he opened his own salon I followed.  He was always wonderful with my hair.  Our relationship soured after I paid a high fee to have streaks put in my hair - he thought they were "natural" but I thought they were invisible, so was not impressed.  I later used a proprietry product to lighten my  hair and he went ballistic!  That was the last time I was to visit his salon.  It suited me to change as we had moved house and going to his salon required a long trek, and I found a local salon.

I might add that every now and then I have tried another salon, but never found one that could successfully manage my curly hair.  So it was to the new salon which was located on the esplanade at Manly, Queensland.  He was an up market guy, trained in London, and I admit very good with my hair, but over the years I started to get a bit frustrated.  My hair looked good as I left the salon, but within hours it was back to its curly self, defying all my efforts to return it to the glam look that I had done in the salon.

When I lived in China I had my hair done by those in salons there - but I doubt if anyone was qualified, and once when I wanted my hair lightened, it was changed to green, and then to cover that up a very dark brown.  That was scary.

At times I considered growing it long, but was not prepared for the anguish and pain of the growing time.  But things were to change.

In 2012, I decided to drive around Australia, so I had a visit to the salon at Manly before heading off, and over the next 6 months never visited a salon. My hair was wild, blonde and woolly, but it suited me.  I didn't have to "waste" funds on salon visits, and when I returned I visited my salon and had it trimmed, but I don't think he understood what I was trying to achieve.

I then moved house and after a couple of months tried out the local salon.  Now I am not unhappy with it.  I came away pretty chuffed really - my hair looked good. They'd lightened the roots of my hair, and had not cut much off.  I liked it. I have mused over my treatment though.  I was "chstised" for colouring my own hair.  Apparently if I use the non-salon products my hair will fall out.  Since I have been colouring my own hair for years and have a healthy crop, I thought that was rather amusing.

I liked their prices, I liked the girl who did my hair, but their customer service stinks.  At both my upmarket salons they kept records.  Name, address, contact details and on each visit they noted what I had done.  The salon I last visited didn't bother getting my details, didn't refer to me by name, and didn't suggest a follow up appointment.  Strange but true.  Did they not like me?  Or my hair?

Me - taken in June, 2012.

One day when I feel the need to have my locks trimmed I will return, and wonder what sort of treatment I will get then.  Customer Service - epic fail.


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