Exploring on my Bicycle

I've done a few short rides on my e-bike, but today chose to venture further, checking out Beachmere and surrounds.  On the bike I can more easily check out the housing, real estate etc and for stop further investigation without being conspicuous like I would be in my car.  I am amazed at the huge number of fabulous homes around here - many on acreage, and so many right on the sea front.

Some must be holiday homes - I have been told that by folk around here, and that there have been many folk holidaying here for many years.  Some of them look a little tired and in need of maintenance, but I guess that is hard to do when you don't live on the property.

There are many homes for sale too, and some of them are in need of a revamp, but it is such a lovely spot, I am surprised that there are vacant houses.

Beachmere probably has had a bad reputation, and there are some "alternate" folk living here, which can be off putting for some, but I have not found any challenges with folk here, in the short time I have been here.

Indeed I have found folk locally to be most friendly and helpful, and despite the fact that I have not joined any local community groups, I am starting to feel part of Beachmere.

The peace and quiet (save for the motorbikes!!) is worth coming for, and the scenery is extra ordinary.

I have been asked on more than one occasion why I chose to live in Beachmere.  There are several reasons, but I was looking for affordable accommodation within 100 kms of Brisbane - semi rural, and near a beach.  A friend and I checked out Beachmere about August last year and I was impressed. There are shops close by - IGA, as well as other shops, so purchasing food and most essentials is easy to do, plus it is a short drive to Caboolture and major shopping complexes and Bribie Island which has some good shops.

The housing prices are good - brilliant value, and for those who want to retire to somewhere quiet, or live on the northside of Brisbane it is ideal.  The only downside I see is that sometimes there is traffic gridlock on the motorway.  Grrr...

Beachfront towards Caboolture River

Park on the beachfront

Towards the river

There are quite a few real estate agents that service the area. This website has heaps of properties listed.  Just google - "real estate Beachmere" - there's lots to see and the market is pretty competitive here, so buying could be extra good value right now.

(After riding for nearly two hours I arrived home and fell off the bike at the front of my house.  No damage done - just some bruising.)


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