Boredom? Not me!!!

I do enjoy my one day a week at the Caboolture Historical Society.  I confess I don't work hard there, but spend much of my time getting to know the place and what my role is in the marketing.  As any who work in a place where most folk are volunteers would know, there is often much to learn about who does what and when.  If a volunteer comes in for just one or two days a week, and on the other days someone else does the work, there can be an  element of confusion.  Sometimes it is a little frustrating.

I took a little walk around the village yesterday, just before lunch.  There are so many things to see that you would need more than one day to see it all.

One of the little buildings is the Morgue.  Below are a couple of photos I took there.

Another building houses a lot of memorabilia about woodchopping and a video explains some of the safety issues that those who chopped down the big forest trees had to understand. In front of that small building is a massive tree trunk.

This ten ton tree trunk sits in front of the building.  It's massive!!

One of the other things that fascinates me is the way old wheels have been used to create the logo of the village.  These wheels are welded together and form a fascinating vision.  

There are two panels of these wheels at the building. 

There are so many fascinating buildings and memorabilia and it is well kept by the many volunteers.

Do go and visit the Caboolture Historical Village..  Click here for more information.