Saturday, August 10

Beachmere Conservation Park

I've driven past a number of times - it is directly opposite the over 50's resort that I'd like to live in, but each time I pass I have something else on my agenda.  To be fair, I've had a lot on my plate, so it hasn't been on my priority list, but as I manage to get most of the things done in my house each day, I set out on another exploration of the wonderful Beachmere area.  In part I find the area to have amazing photographic opportunities so explore at different times of the day.  I've not done much early morning trips as yet, other than one early morning fishing on the Caboolture River.  

Yesterday I set out on my e-bike, and took a short walk through the park.  One road leads to the beach, and the other leads through the middle of the park - through the bushland.  I don't know where it ends because on that occasion and later in the afternoon, I did not reach the end of the track.

It is a sandy track - in both directions, so riding is impossible, so I parked the bike on the path, and walked (without camera on this occasion towards the water.  It was high tide and just so very picturesque with many mangrove trees seeming to dance in the water.  On the one hand I wished that I had my camera, but I know that I can easily go back another time at high tide.  (Lucky too I didn't have my big camera as I came off the bike at one stage in such a big fall that the camera may have been damaged!)

When I went back (in my car) later in the day, I did have the camera but the tide was out, but still good for photos.  I'll just have to go back at high tide.  Since it is about 5 minutes from my house (by car) it will be easy to get to.

The sand track to the beach

The tide is out

Mangroves in the sand


Towards Redcliffe

Through the bush
The light was fading fast to I didn't get to the end of the track, but will do sometime when I have more time and light.  It is such beautiful country.

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