A Little about my House Sitting

It has been several months since I was house sitting - I have been offered a few but I am not sure I want to do much in the future.  I guess the main reason I was house sitting was that I had no fixed abode after I went solo.  I had no home - and my belongings languished, probably feeling deserted in a shipping container in my daughters large back yard.

Now I am renting I have a roof over my head, and a home that I really love.  In fact my new home is like heaven to me - of all the places I house sat none felt like home, despite the fact that at times I lived in luxurious homes, had amazing facilities and they were in fantastic locations.  "There's no place like home" - and here, now I can use all my own things and do things the way I want.  Of course I have to pay the bills now too.

The continual packing and unpacking and not having my 'tools' and 'toys' all the time was a minor irritation at the time, but now I realise how much I missed them.  How much I missed cooking.  Now I can do what I want, when I want with my own things.

Will I ever house sit again?  No doubt I will, but for short periods - there's no point in paying rent on a property in which I am not living, but for one or two weeks it would be a pleasant holiday as long as there were not too many animals.

Several of my friends are still house sitting.  One couple have been in the same house for several years - the owners live overseas and have been trying to sell the older style house for most of that time, without success, so it suits the owners to have someone in the house maintaining the garden and as security so they stay on.  Apparently the owners are returning to Australia shortly so plans are up in the air.

Another friend is house sitting for a mutual friend who is working as a governess/teacher in the Northern Territory.  Another friend and her two children have been house sitting on a farm property near Gympie - with lots of farm animals to care for - and unexpectedly the owners are returning  earlier than planned - they miss their animals.

Another friend is house sitting in Brisbane - short term stays are her specialty.

House sitting has been good to me - it saved me from being on the streets I guess, but for now I am going to enjoy my wonderful peaceful abode here in Beachmere.

I still get notifications via some websites including Happy House Sitters and can subscribe to the site that worked best for me House Carers.


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