Tuesday, July 23

Train to the City

I thought it would be easy.  Get my Chinese guests up early (hmmmmm) and then head for Caboolture Station, park the car, catch the train.....   It had rained all night and was looking like more rain was to come, so seems everyone drove to the station.  I drove around and around and found no (legal) park, so drove to Morayfield.  Luckily there were more parks there.  I think next time I will head straight to Morayfield!!!!

Train trip, meeting,and then Sushi in Anzac Square before catching the train back.  It must be very tiring playing on one's mobile phone constantly for my guests slept on and off during the journey.  They wanted to go fishing so I called into BCF for a crab pot and a new reel for one of my rods, but they were too tired and wanted to stay in the car.  While I was at the checkout I got a text message "Hurry we are burning".  

Good job I don't take the messages literally - but it was hot in the car apparently, despite the windows being down.  R had a thick coat on and a hat.  When I suggested taking the coat off, she looked at me shocked!!!  "I will get sunburn".

Called into Beachmere shops and bumped into one of my new friends, and then bought some things for dinner and some bait for the crab pot.

"Hurry - we can now go fishing."  

I explained that I had to set up the reel, and the crab pot and do some other items.  Fishing will happen when I am ready.

I need a rest - which I won't get as we have fishing and cooking on the agenda for the rest of the day, and a few other minor things.

The agenda tomorrow?   Seeking BIG seashells on a beach.  Mmmmm.

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