Friday, July 12

Settling In

I have moved, alone, to a duplex at Beachmere, and it has been a great learning curve.  Previously I have moved as a couple, so these days it is all up to me, and I have had to learn to do some things that normally the man of the house would do.

However I have found an extra ordinary amount of friendship and support that I have never experienced before.  The real estate agent has been very helpful, and when I requested a new tv antenna I did not hear from them for a week - they had to contact the property owner, and as the days progressed I wondered if my request was to be denied.  However, yesterday I had a call from my friendly maintenance man Tim - he was on his way to install the said piece.  Whoo Hoo.  Last night I was able to lie in bed and watch my TV.  Warm and cosy in my bed.

I have a Dick Smith TV - in part because their models have a DVD player and all the requirements that I want in one simple machine and I don't need a whole heap of remotes!!!    Great price and simple to use.  Tim had to make a hole in the wall to do it, and has been working today to repair and paint so that  no one will know that the wall had been damaged.

I have also met lovely people here at Beachmere - and on Bribie Island where I went to lunch yesterday and met a lovely group of women that meet regularly at a restaurant there.  The restaurant Blue Anchorage Cafe Restaurant served wonderful food and I am keen to go back there.  I have connected with two ladies from the lunch and will be catching up with them during the next week.

One of the great benefits is that the traffic around these parts is pretty "laid back" and I enjoy the country driving though on Beachmere Road I guess I have irritated other drivers by driving a little slower than the speed limit.

I do my shopping at Morayfield (Caboolture) which has an amazing selection of retailers.  I have almost everything I want there, and there is also good shopping at Bribie if I want to go on a relaxed drive to the island.  It is such a beautiful place.

On Bribie Island looking north.

Sand build up on the beach hiding the steps.

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