Sunday, July 21

Nearly done.....

Today as I look around me in my new abode I am filled with pride.  It is all neat and tidy, and functional and almost completed.  I bought three bookshelf back pack from Masters and put them together.  One has books in already but the other two are waiting.  I have not had time to open some of the boxes that remain in my garage and place them in the shelves.  The whole place is neat and tidy.

It is almost 8.30 am - my Chinese guests are still asleep, but I am up and dressed.  I opened the vertical blinds to reveal the park at the back of the house - and the ducks are busily wandering around the wet grass finding worms and other morsels for their breakfast.  There's barely a sound anywhere.  Just so peaceful.

Last night I dined at a friend's place here in Beachmere.  Nice to know I have at least one friend here!!!

Earlier, I had walked around to the lake, talking with a friend on the phone, and I saw a photo opportunity.  Despite it being somewhat overcast, there was a lovely view across the lake, so I headed back and picked up my Canon camera, and took these two photos.
The lake is connected to the sea - so changes with the tides.  

The lake is mostly surrounded by houses - though one or two vacant lots await their fate.  At the far end of the lake is a park, which I visited the previous day on one of my quick jaunts on my e-bike between rain showers.  It is lovely spot and I look forward to sitting there one day with a book, and perhaps a fishing line dangling in the water.  I saw someone had a crab pot out too, but I couldn't see any crabs in it.

The park is someone 'wild' - the lawns are mowed occasionally and there's no swings or anything in it.  It is just 'natural' and the trees are home to a great variety of birds.

Every day there is someone in the park - perhaps a group of children playing, people practicing their golf, or walking their dogs.   Just a peaceful spot.

The park behind my house

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