Wednesday, July 24

Fishing and Crabbing

I had two rods, and one reel, so purchased a new reel from BCF at Morayfield, and a crab pot.  We did go fishing at the boat ramp on the Caboolture River at Beachmere, but the results were disappointing.  Quite a few puffer fish which mostly I had to extricate from the swallowed hook, and occasionally I had to put a new hook on the line.  I cast a rod a few times, but was usually busy sorting out a challenge with one of my guests, and occasionally on the phone.

I didn't throw the net in at the river - I didn't have anything (legal) to attach the rope to, so when we returned home, and my guests (exhausted from doing very little all day!) went to rest, I took the net out to the lake near my home and cast the net into the water.  Rather surprised at how deep it is at the spot where there is a little landing which has more to do with the water inlet/outlet to the sea.

Looks like good crabbing spot.

I really must have exhausted my friends yesterday, but typically they are still asleep and it is 8 am.  Maybe another hour or so before they will surface.  I seem to do all the work (well, not seem, I do do it all) and they get to rest.  I went down to the lake and pulled pot out - and there were two mud crabs.  Yeeha.  I threw the pot back in, as I would like my friends to see my success.

Today we have on the agenda (a) a visit to a beach where R can collect shells.  Mmmm. That could be a hard one as shell collecting is not legal in some places, and (b) making a castle cake.  R purchased a silicone castle cake mould.  Not sure what we will make of it.

I plan to drive up to Nambour and see the Big Pineapple, then on to  Eumundi and wander the markets and go to the beach somewhere around Noosa.  Full day.  Maybe time for cake making..

I am finding it challenging to find food for R and O, as they are very fussy, but they do provide me with great things to ponder.  R bought passion fruit - with wrinkled skin.  Too old she said.  I like smooth skin.  So she bought smooth skinned passion fruit - but it was not sweet.  I explained that the wrinkled skin passion fruit is riper than the others.  Hence the fruit had not matured and gained the sweet flavour.

Monday's evening meal was Quiche and Salad (but they don't eat leaves nor shallot), and they had corned beef and salad at the Caboolture Historical Village with mustard pickles.  "The beef tasted funny" - perhaps they had never eaten "corn" beef before, and the unfamiliar taste of mustard pickles did not please!  O only wants to eat rice.

Their perception of healthy food is not the same as mine.  Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?  Healthy?  Not!  Salad - leaves.  Yes.  Oh, well.  They are on holiday.

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