Sunday, July 28

Catch and Release Fishing.

We have caught a few fish around Beachmere this past week, but not one was of legal size, so we decided to try Ecopark south of Beenleigh.  It was sunny when we left Beachmere, but soon rainclouds appeared and we experienced occasional showers and one or two more heavy downfalls, but it was lightly raining when we reached the park.  (It is on the Beaudesert Beenleigh Road, just south of Beenleigh.)

We booked to fishing roads and all the tools we needed (hooks, bait, net) and set off.  A young lad (staff member) directed us to a pond where the bigger fish were and in no time (well, it felt a long time for her!) R pulled in a fish.  Later she caught another.  Sadly they have to be released back into the pond, but the message is that they taste awful as they live so much of the time in muddy water.

There is a cafeteria, a collection of animals to visit, and a small souvenir shop.  There are great facilities and a good place for a full day trip.

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