Wednesday, July 3

Birds of Beachmere - The Feathered Kind.

One of the great things about my new abode is the bird life.  My property overlooks a park adjacent to a lake and the bird life is amazing.  Almost all day there are bird sounds from the trees or the birds on my back fence.

I have on my shopping list at item to purchase to encourage them more.  Pet mince.  I remember when I was house sitting at Paddington in 2010/2011 that the home owner supplied frozen balls of pet mince and each day I had to feed the many birds that visited - mainly butcher birds.

Some of the birds I have seen or heard:

Butcher Birds

I have seen a number of other birds flying overhead - including pelicans as there are several waterways nearby.

I am sure there are a variety of finches in the trees as I have heard sounds that I can match with any bird species yet.

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