Friday, July 26

A Strange Birthday

R had promised to awake early as she wanted to go fishing at the mouth of the Caboolture River, but of course I was up first, checked the crab pot (one smallish crab and one small bream!), before R awoke, but she was keen to go fishing so we loaded the car and off we went.  The tide was going out and it was muddy and slippery (but thanks to my cheap look-alike Crocs I kept my feet clean), and we cast our lines in to the left of the boat ramp.  I had bites immediately and pulled in two whiting.  Not legal and they were cast back to grow!!  The photo looks impressive though.

There was a cool breeze, the sky was pink with the sunrise and not a cloud in the sky which turned bright blue as time progressed.  How lovely it all looked.  I almost envy the blokes that live on the boats here.  Not sure I could cope with the confined space though.

Interesting layer of shells in the river bank.

R did not get any bites, so soon tired of it, so back to the house.  Brother still sleeping.

I had invited neighbours and friends from Caboolture over for afternoon tea, and R had bought a silicone cake mould of a castle, so we had to make that first.  It was ok, but I wasn't sure how one should ice it!!!  And she didn't like it anyway.

We went to the supermarket and the wonderful Beachmere Bakery (for bread for the sandwiches) and I was surprised that the lovely young lady behind the counter asked about my friend who had been sick when we were there a few weeks ago.  I bought some of their wonderful freshly baked white and wholemeal bread and all were later impressed with the bread on the sandwiches.

Back home again and I made some Devils on Horseback, Sandwiches and a Sponge cake which I decorated with fresh cream and strawberries.  

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