Exmouth to Karratha

A big day of driving from Exmouth to Karratha - some 570 kms. Again I had my entertainment planned with recordings of Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic Radio - how I love to select the interviews, and record them to a memory stick and listen to them while driving.  I'd never listen to them on radio at home - manage to catch snippets if I am driving, but love it to entertain me on long drives.

So many "Floodways" in these parts - but no rain = no floods.

Look up - this is what I saw!

There are a number of websites with details of the amazing 'dare devil schemes' during World War II which set off from these parts.  You can check here about Operation Jaywick, here for Operation Rimau, and here for more information.

Exmouth is quite a significant place for the protection of Australia with a RAAF base, and the Harold Holt Naval Communication Centre, and of course the significant historical memorials.


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