Wednesday, May 29


The changing scenery has me enchanted.  I’d love to take more frequent photos but it would double the time needed to reach my destination, and really I already have thousands of photos!!

I am enthralled by the amazing rock formations – in fact the many rocks of all shapes and sizes along the roadway, up hills, or just piled up (perhaps from the road construction) is fascinating.

Time and funds do not permit me to ‘linger longer’ in these places and as I go I am  planning to revisit these areas.  What about a motor home?  Mmmmm.

Going into Exmouth, I saw for the first time hundreds, no thousands of termite nests on both sides of the road.  They are quite bizarre really – and I conjured up what they looked like.  Some looked like huge gorillas in the grass, others looked like sumo wrestlers, others fat folk with many bulges, or women in Arabian dress – I had an enjoyable time trying to work out a fitting description.

Exmouth was established as a support town for the Harold E Holt Naval Communication station in 1967, so does not have the old buildings and history associated with many of the other places along the northern coast.  It is also the home of the Learmonth RAAF base.  The road into Exmouth has many low lying areas with warnings of flooding – but again, as there has been little rain at this time, the creek beds and flood prone areas were devoid of water.

There is so much new development going on at Exmouth, with a huge marina development and other areas opening up for housing.  Beautiful new homes – looking quite expensive too, not only because of the cost of building here.

The town is very much about fishing and diving – and clearly very popular for this – but otherwise not terribly interesting for me.  I drove to a few places, took a few photos, but was keen to move on.  I stayed in the Exmouth Cape Holiday/Caravan park cabin near the centre of town, spent time wandering around town, did some shopping (not much) and rested.  I was keen to move on...

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