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There really is so much to see around Denham, and I sadly didn't see it all in the three days I spent there.  I stayed in the Denham Seaside Tourist Village in a cabin on the top level.  The park has several tiers - all on crispy white tiny seashells from one of the local beaches.  The shells have gathered for thousands of years, and are great for roadways and landscaping, though housewives would curse them as they seem to cling to the soles of shoes and feet and get walked into the house.

The town of Denham is a lovely spot, overlooking shark bay.  At night you can see the lights of Useless Loop and the Salt mines, the stars are bright and a few fishing boats bob about in the calm waters in front of the town.

One of the key places to visit is Monkey Mia - where the wild dolphins come in for a feed regularly during the day.  There is a resort and caravan park (expensive) there, and plenty to amuse all family members.  A boat also leaves from the wharf at Monkey Mia for those who want to venture out into the bay for a closer look at the sea life.

As you drive into Denham, there are sign posts indicating the various interesting spots, and one I found to be of great interest was Hamelin Pool, which is "home to the most diverse and abundant examples of living stromatolites in the world" - one really has to do some reading to learn more about these.  There are excellent information boards at the site, and along the boardwalk that enables visitors to get close to the stromatolites and see these wonders of the world.

The Boardwalk at Hamelin Pool

The stromatolites

Along the beachfront

More Hamelin Pool

Sunset at Denham
View from my cabin

At Monkey Mia

Visitors Centre

Dolphins come to check out the visitors

Jetty at Monkey Mia

Exhibit in Interpretive Centre

Pelican amusing visitors as he drinks from the sprinkler

Just outside Monkey Mia


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