Sunday, April 7

Kalbarri to Denham

The cabin in the caravan park at Kalbarri was interesting – a little old and needing more care, and there was a problem with a power point – zapped me!!!  Late at night when it happened, I just resolved to keep myself away from the powerpoint and the aluminium door frame which also zapped me.  I reported it in the morning, but I knew there was nothing that could be done late at night. 

I spent some time writing after arriving, and was up early the next morning to go back to some of the cliffs I missed out the day before.  There really are some spectacular cliffs. 

A funny thing happened when I visited one area of the cliffs – all areas have designated car/caravan parking, and there are boards with information etc.  At one of the areas I noticed two people walking along one of the tracks on the  edge of the cliff, and moments later the guy (all alone) walked past me.  I looked up the pathway and the girl was nowhere to be seen.  Did he push her over?  My heart started to beat a little faster and I pondered what had happened.  Did he…….?  I set off on the track that they had been on, a little tentatively I must admit, and after a short walk came to an interesting shelter in the bushes – and there was the girl.  She greeted me, with a comment about the beauty of the region and her sighting of two kangaroos just nearby.  She was from NSW, but with a Canadian accent as she had lived there for a while and the boyfriend was Canadian. I told her then, about my initial concerns for her welfare and she laughed.  She and the boy had been contemplating how easy it would be to push  someone over the edge….. The guy returned and we all had a laugh about it.

There are many beautiful places to see along this coastline – and my short stay did not allow me to see all.  I keep saying – maybe one day I can get back to see those places I missed – many quite a few kilometres from the main road, and often on unmade roads and in some cases quite rough.

I went back to the caravan park, which was delightfully sited on the road wit the Murchison River beyond.  It is a pretty little town. I loaded my car and set off, this time, taking time out to see some of the other spectacular scenery.

Here’s a selection of photos from around Kalbarri.

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