Where Do You Want to Go?

I guess I am what is called a "Grey Nomad" though my hair is only slightly grey in spots (and currently is somewhat pink!!!), and I meet a lot of folk who are happy to call themselves "Grey Nomads" as they wander around Australia either in a motor home or towing a caravan.  Staying in caravan parks as I have done occasionally I have spoken to some.  They've sold their homes, and travel and live in their vans.

On the roads in WA there is a constant stream of them heading north or south, or just parked in a caravan park, or for some in any off the road space (some legal and some illegal).

As I go on my adventure I have visited places that I have longed to see - I am one of these folk who believes that we should see our own country first before travelling overseas, though I have travelled and lived overseas.  The number of people I meet, who tell me that it is their wish to travel around Australia.  Some do it but some never get around to it.

I have now been all states and territories (bar Tasmania) as I was born in South Australia and have lived in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and have seen quite a bit of our vast country, but as it is so huge there is so much to see and even those travelling around in vans will admit that it is difficult to see everything, even every town!

When I am driving I do spend a lot of time out of my car exploring various places, taking photos, visiting Visitor Information Centres, museums, national parks and so on.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the many places there are to visit, and I do actually get a bit 'over' the historical places I have seen.  Too much information.  I'd love to spend a month in each place I visit, but do not have the luxury of doing so.

There are several places that I am terribly keen to see - Broome, Ord River, Darwin, Kakadu, Tennant Creek, Mt Isa and Winton.  At least on this trip I should manage them all!!

I wonder if any reader will tell me (via Comments) where they would like to visit in Australia?


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