Thursday, March 14

To New Norcia.... Again.

It was my third visit to New Norcia – the first time was a brief look at this amazing monastic town which included a self guided tour of the place, the second time I stayed overnight at the Guest House and did a tour of the buildings and took many photographs, and this time I had to return as I had ‘lost’ my photos.  Some strange event occurred to my camera and all photos were lost.

It would have been nice to do the tour again, or stay in the guest house, but I was en route to Perth, and had little time to spare.  I had a strange experience in the town of Moora where I had stopped to eat my snacks and visit the local loo, and when I parked I realised I had parked beside a car from the Geraldton newspaper, The Guardian.  We had met one of the journalists from newspaper when we attended an event with Senator Barnaby Joyce a few weeks earlier and my friend send had suggested to the journo that my travels was worth a story.  She had sent him several messages but had no response so far, so I wondered if it was him.  Shortly after an older guy came and stood by the car with an iced coffee and sandwich, and when I got out of the car he spoke to me.  Just a pleasant greeting, and I stopped to speak with him.  I asked if the other journo was still with the newspaper as he had not responded to messages.  He said that most of the journo’s were on a study week, and no doubt would contact us later.  (Which he has done!)

When I left Moora I somehow missed a turn off and soon discovered I was on the Bindoon Road, and if I had continued would have missed New Norcia so I checked the map and found a road that went to New Norcia via another route.  I was actually excited that this had taken me on a new road as it gave me some “new” scenery to explore.  A fire had gone through the area some time previously and there were many burnt grass trees, and there was also an old ruin, so I stopped frequently taking photos.

The dead grass trees

I often wonder about the stories these ruins could tell.

One of the Abbot's is buried here, along with the many monks, and nuns and others that were part of New Norcia.

The Abbey Church

The Monastery (taken over the fence)

Another local ruin just outside New Norcia
When I had stayed over night at New Norcia I had gone for a walk early the next morning over to the river and the Bee House beyond, but it was earlier in the day.  On this my third visit it was hot and steamy so I shortened the walk and the follow photos are of significance in that area of New Norcia.

One of the 200 wells sunk around New Norcia 

The river bed

Climb over the fence using these clever styles

The remains of the piggery

From the other side of the river

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