Monday, March 18

Sculpture by the Sea at Cottesloe

We visited this exhibition the day before we left for the return trip to Dongara.  This is the ninth annual exhibition of sculptures which are on display on the beachfront at Cottelsoe.  Some of the smaller ones are in the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, but others are on display on the beach, or on the lawns up on street level.

This is  the work of Kathy Allam from WA

A piece created by WA artist Jeannette Vernooij

Allessandra Rossi's creation about wealth and poverty.  

My favourite - 222 bamboo poles

Hard to see in this pic - the double hands, facial features, breasts etc
There are so many wonderful exhibits on the beach, with the catalogue (purchased for $10) explaining details of the artist, price, etc.  Some are whimsical and others make you think - not only about the way the artist has interpreted it, but like the car accident with the kangaroo (see above) which is somewhat confronting.

Do visit the website Sculpture by the Sea

It is free to visit the artworks, but to read all about the items you can purchase a catalogue.  There is parking, but you may have to have a walk as there are so many folk in attendance.

It goes from 8th to 24th, March, 2013.

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