I remember when I set out, I was determined to take photos of the many ruins that I passed along the way, remembering in particular the  ones that we had passed by on our trips between Broken Hill and Adelaide especially.   And so it is that I stop when I can if I see a good old derelict building.  It is not possible to stop at every one I see, as often I am travelling at 100 kms an hour, and the building just appears, and in particular if I am driving with double lines, I can’t just stop, so pass by.  Sometimes I have done a U-turn and gone back, and having lost the photos on my camera earlier I had taken an opportunity to catch up on some I had taken before.

In WA in particular there are many of them, and I can never pass by without thinking about the folk who had lived there, and what was the reason for moving on.  Clearly some houses have been replaced by others and can be seen nearby, but others have been long deserted and left to continue to deteriorate in the harsh Australian weather.   No doubt drought, and other misfortunes have motivated folk to move on, but I’d love to hear some of the stories.  That is not to be.

The following are just some of those I have collected in my travels thus far, and I am sure that over the next four or five weeks as I traverse the country from Western Australia, across the top end, Northern Territory and back into Queensland I am bound to see a few more.

Here in WA there is much restoration and celebration of the communities of the past, though clearly it is impossible to restore and care for all of them.  Shame really.  Just north of Dongara, on the way to Geraldton is a community called Greenough, which has restored and celebrated the community, and there are several places where one can visit and see how folk lived many years ago.   We will be calling in at Greenough at the weekend, but I already have photos of this place.  Hopefully we will also visit the old hotel where on a few days each week a meal is served.

(These photos were taking in the New Norcia  to Bindoon area.)

I’ve visited the town of New Norcia where most of the buildings are restored, but it is a massive ask – so much work (and it is expensive) to maintain these old buildings.

Not sure if this one is still in use, but it is old.  (not far from Dongara)

Not far from New Norcia



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