Back to Perth Again.....

My friend and I had another couple of events in Perth, and again we took our own cars.  I had been a couple of weeks previously and taken a lot of photos, but alas, for reasons I do not understand, they all disappeared off the memory card of my camera.  I wanted to take some again, to replace the ones I had lost.

From Dongara we go on the Brand Highway, and to New Norcia take the turnoff at Badgingarra, and just a short distance from the Brand Highway I saw some of the golden gum flowers, so stopped to take a photo, and nearby were some wonderful bottle brush trees as well.  Funnily, right near where I stopped was a sign for the Badgingarra Golf Club - and judging by the growth around the spot, there was no golf course remaining.  Maybe was  something important in previous years, but there was little of it right then.

Further along the road, The North West Road, was a park, which was very interesting.  Apparently many years ago a meteorite landed in this region, and there is a very interesting walk through the bush to see where it landed.  I did not stop to take in the tour, but enjoyed reading the detail and taking a few photos.


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