Monday, March 4

Lobster, Wine and Roses

The west coast of WA (or parts of it) are great for fishing lobster (crayfish), though one needs a big boat to get out to where they try to hide near the reefs.  To buy lobster is expensive though there was a shop in Midland advertising them at around $15 each.  Small ones no doubt.  Luckily, we had been given two.  Last night we indulged in the last one.

Salad with prawns and lobster.   Yum.

Yesterday I also experimented with my camera.  My point and shoot Samsung, which does a lovely job really, especially for close ups.  It has some backgrounds that one can use to "enhance" a photo.  The photo below was taken in my friend's garden - she has a lovely rose garden. Not sure that it looks so good on the side of the building.

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