Sunday, March 31

Lions International Events in Dongara

What a busy weekend.  On Friday Bev and I helped out at the Driver Reviver post about 50 kms south of Dongara at Arrowsmith - a small siding where tea and coffee and a break is offered to drivers travelling on the busy roads - a regular event for the Dongara Lions especially just before a long weekend.

We had a few laughs, and met a few travellers and one of the other ladies and I picked up rubbish from beside the road.  It amazed me how much rubbish is thrown from cars.  Doesn't anyone understand about taking care of their own rubbish?  Mostly drink bottles and cans, iced coffee cartons etc., but such an ugly mess on the side of the road.

Late on Good Friday we went to help load the books and stack them in the Fisherman's Hall at Port Denison - thousands of books to be sold for $1!  Luckily some young blokes came along to help and it was quickly done.

Saturday was Market Day at the Dongara Museum - such wonderful stalls and a lot of fun.

Great exhibition in the Museum - very informative.
Then off to the Art Show for a look at the entries.

Saturday was also Dongara Race Day - the Lions members help with parking and on the gate, as well as sell raffle tickets.  What a day.  I had my first bet for a long time and picked the winner of race two and made a little profit.  Shame I only had $1 each way!  It was a great event and we enjoyed looking at the fashions etc.
I wonder how many people got caught with the RBT just outside the gates of the racetrack????

Then this morning - Easter Sunday it was the Book Sale - when some 1500 + books were sold at a $1 each.  Some good ones too.  Well done, Lions.
The book sale ......

The Sausage Sizzle - and they'd sold out by the time I went for one!

Children having rides on the Lion's train 

Well, my Dongara adventure is coming to a close - I set off tomorrow morning heading north.  Back home to  Brisbane.....

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