Saturday, March 2

Kings Park

While in Perth I met up with a friend who is a keen photographer, and we spent Saturday afternoon in Kings Park taking photos, but alas, something occurred with my camera, and I have few photos to show for it - somehow they were all deleted.  (I can't explain it!)  However, I do have some that I took with my little Samsung.  She uses her small point and shoot digital camera for close ups of flowers, so I do have some to show for my busy afternoon.

We stopped and had lunch at the restaurant at Kings Park, before continuing on, and later set out to take a photo of the sunset, but to no avail.  She had been told of a "good place" on the Swan River, but by the time we arrived the sun had set, so we headed off to Han's Restaurant at Belmont and had a wonderful meal there.

At Han's Restaurant I was impressed to see how they used bamboo to provide a wall between eating areas. So simple.  There were holes of various sizes in the timber of a wall, and the bamboo poles were casually placed in the holes.  Great idea, which I hope to use one day!

We had a nice meal - including the spring rolls.  YUM!

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