Greenough – Hampton Arms Inn and more

We set off early for the markets at Greenough – the amazing little historical township between Dongara and Geraldton, and were disappointed as when we arrived that there were few people in the markets (not as many stalls as we had hoped - we were early birds), so we wandered around and chatted, not buying anything but raffle tickets at the Uncle Ann’s Writers Group stall, and eventually decided to have a  coffee in the tea rooms – and we sat outside in the courtyard enjoying the fabulous coffee and the scenery.  It was very peaceful, but we were somewhat early as we were headed to the Hampton Arms, a very old Inn also at Greenough, but on another road.
(I cringed at the many spelling errors in the stalls – loved the ‘stainless steal” book mark one!)

The Hampton Arms is an old inn, “the surviving remnant of the town of Hampton, which was established in 1863, not long after the Greenough Front Flats.  As the district’s first hotel, it was a focal point for Greenough settlers for social gatherings, balls and political meetings.
It also provided shelter during times of flooding when settlers on the western side of the Greenough River were cut off from settlement on the eastern site.”
The two-storey stone and iron building, which had single storey wings each side of the main section and a stone stable block, was an excellent example of the Victorian Regency style.
Unlike other surviving buildings which once functioned as inns, the Hampton Arms was a purpose-built hotel”
Frances Pearson, who designed and built the first smelter in Western Australia and was a key figure in the early settlement of the Mid-West, built the hotel in 1863 with his two sons.
The Hampton Arms was officially opened on May 1st, 1863and named after John Hampton, Governor of the day.  The district’s first ploughing match was held in 1868 here.”

(The above information in italics was taken from the Hampton Arms Inn flyer)

There is a bookshop there with the most amazing collection of second hand books, and there is an Antique and Collectibles shop as well as a dress shop, so plenty to do while we wandered around the inn.  I bought a book on patchwork, which has some ideas that I might just use one day!

As we were about to order our lunch, my phone rang.  I had won the raffle!! The ladies would come and deliver it to me while we were still there.

Fish and Chips and Bev at the Inn

Alpaca at Greenough
We ordered fish and chips, which were wonderful, and I had a glass of Moscato, which was filled so much, I had to sip off the top so that I could carry it without spilling.  The Host of the Hampton Arms was a cheery and full of personality character called Brian who kept us amused at times!!!

The ladies delivered my prize (which included a St Patrick’s Day apron, and a bottle of Gossip’s Moscato and a few other items that will return to them, as they are of no value to me.

After a really lovely meal, we set off to Geraldton.  Perhaps the Art Gallery – closed on Sundays.  Grrr.  So across the road to McDonalds to have an icecream, before going to the movies.

As we reached the theatre there was a note on the door “Due to techincal problems” the movie would not be shown (that is the movie we wanted to see!!!) When we asked at the ticket office, about the techincal problem, the young lass did not understand us.  A laugh for us, as we turned around and headed back to Dongara.  Despite missing the movie, we had had another great day!!!!!


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