Sunday, March 3

Grass Trees

Along the highway north from Yanchep there were thousands of Grass Trees on both sides of the highway, and so many times I longed to stop and take a photo, but further on I came to a National Park, which I believe is the Wanagarren National Park, with a park where one could drive, stop and take photos of the local scenery, and later on I was able to take photos of more.  There are so many, and the sights are spectacular.

I remember that we used to call these trees Blackboys or in South Australia, sometimes they were called Yukka I think.  These days, not to cause offence to anyone, they are referred to as grass trees.  There are zillions of them in WA - and quite spectacular.

Fantastic view beyond the grass trees to the plains in the distance

The following photos were taken further north of the National Park.

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