Cruise on the Swan River

We had gone to Perth as my friend was attending a luncheon on the Sunday at Fremantle of friends from her days some 20 years earlier that had worked at Nickol Bay Hospital – nurses and other staff, who have been meeting regularly for years.  I arrived late on the Friday afternoon at another friend’s place where we were to stay, and Bev and I prepared the evening meal – our specialty is spring rolls made with rice paper, and eaten cold with sweet chili sauce.

The following day I set off to meet another friend and go on a Swan River Cruise – which left from the wharf near the Bell Tower.  In all my visits to Perth, I had never been to this point, which was quite interesting.  We had about 20 minutes to walk around, until it was time to board the boat.

The boat was all set up for lunch – tablecloths, wine glasses, etc and we soon set off up river.  At our table were a brother and sister from the US – older than us, but lovely people.  The brother was a regular visitor to Australia as he had business interests around Sydney and two race horses that actually raced that day.  He loved his wine and was very generous.  I knew that I could not drive home after than, but luckily I had other options!!

The cruise folk were wonderful and after the main course the boat pulled in at the Water’s Edge Winery   jetty and we all wandered up to learn a little about the history of this winery, and taste the wine.  Hopefully some folk bought a few bottles.

Perth from the cruiser

Some of the lunch

Me and Erika
The Bell Tower - near the wharf

Jacob at the Winery

Bottles and bottles at the Winery

Along the River

Perth, on the return journey
The staff were great, and much to my surprise two of them sang for us on the way back, after we had dessert which was delicious.

Jacob who not only signed us onto the cruise, was a waiter on board, and assisted in a most jovial manner with the wine display at the winery, also sang.

A really good day, finished off by dinner at the Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant at Victoria Park.  Wonderful food but so noisy!!


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