Cook's Tours Booklets

Going to WA?  There are two little books that are so helpful for the traveller in WA - one is the "Beautiful South"  and the other is the "Amazing North".  You can check the website here for more information.  The books are distributed free via Visitor Information Centres, though I think you can send for them via the website.

The booklet "Amazing North" is going to be my constant companion over the next few months as this one has a plethora of information about the north of Western Australia, Northern Territory and northern Queensland, all parts of Australia that I will be passing through over the next few months.

There are maps, details about the places to visit, and much more, so it has been my source of information as I plan the return journey back to Brisbane.

I am going to stay at Kalbarri  but first I will have called in at Oakabella Homestead, (supposedly the most haunted house in Australia and the Hutt Principality on my way.

  I am really looking forward to the latter - it is an amazing story of the small principality which seceded from Australia back in the 1970's.

The booklet is a handy size with enough information to make travelling easy - I have piles of large brochures which I use to research, but this small book will sit beside me as I drive, and I can check on things as I go.

(The photos above were taken from the Cook's Tours website - I am sure they don't mind!)


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