Sunday, March 24

Conservation Park Info

On my return journey from Perth to Dongara on the 12th March I did a number of things that I have not reported on.  Thought I'd do so today.

After my detour through Gingin and the Western Bamboo property, I made my way back onto the Brand Highway.  I'd taken some more photos of Grass Trees, and then found this old deserted house.  I drove past, but then backed up safely to get out of the car and take the photo.  There was not a lot of traffic at the time which was good.

I continued on to Cataby, where I stopped for a bit to eat and a rest - not that I was particularly tired, but didn't think I would have to stop between there and Dongara.  Taking my drink and food to the seating area at the side of the service station I sat alone - only for a few minutes!

Soon I had many green feathered friends, who sat on my table and ate the crumbs from my hand.  There were quite a few of them that sqwarked and flew around, politely eating what I had left out for them at the table.  The last time I was at Cataby was a year or so ago, when violent thunderstorms were seen in the west - I remember it well as we tried to get ahead of the storms on our way to Perth.  Much more pleasant visit this time.

Onwards from Cataby, I was keen to find some flowers that I had taken photos of previously and these are the photos that I lost when my camera had a hissy fit.

I have not been able to find the name of these flowers - they are like delicate clouds floating on the side of the road.

There was a park that I had wanted to see too - and I soon came to the turn off, and turned in.  I had seen other vehicles there as I passed previously, but on this day I was the only one in the park.  Coomallo Park is a wonderful conservation area.

The signs suggested that on the 15 minute walk around the park I might be lucky enough to see kangaroos or emus, so camera in hand I set off.  There was a warning about rogue bees, which alarmed me as I am allergic to bees, but I cautiously wandered on - I encountered no bees, kangaroos, or emus.  In fact no wildlife, but the landscape was very beautiful.

It was my last stop before safely arriving in Dongara late in the afternoon.

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