There's a little settlement not far from Dongara called Walkaway. It is in the midst of cropping, and farming area, really just a dot on any map.  I set out on a Monday with my trusty Canon camera.

Along the highway are a number of ruins, including this old house, and the old churches.

An Ant Hill in the old church grounds
I turned off the Brand Highway onto the Walkaway Road, and took the photo below of one of the many leaning trees around this area.  Further along the highway is the famous Leaning Tree where passers by stop to take photos, but in reality there are so many in the area.  It appears to be only one type of tree that is affected by the strong winds of this area, as many other varieties of tree seem unhindered by the winds.

Walkaway itself sleeps on Monday - the Museum in the old Railway Station is not open on a Monday (actually I should have thought of this, as these places are run by volunteers and are often closed on a Monday!)

It is a grand old building and I am sure worthy of a visit.

There was a corner store which was open for business, and a Tavern that opened at 2 pm on Mondays, so I drove on.

The scenery always interests me, and I confess to being a slower driver, as one cannot take in all the scenery driving at 110 kph.

Along the road, I found a friendly emu, that appeared to be fenced in, and I was able to get within a few feet of it, without upsetting it, apparently.

The emu was in the area of the Alinta Wind Farm which stretches for kilometers over the hills in the area.  Cattle grazed apparently undisturbed below the turbines.

The Greenough River runs through Walkaway, though on the day I was there, there was not a drop of water in it, though one could see how high the water flows after a flooding rain.

Can you see the debris which is high in the branches of the trees beside the dry river bed?

I returned to Dongara via an old settlement in Greenough.  The old Hampton Inn (not open on Mondays!), and along the road a rather scary sign.  I did not see any snakes!!!!!

Old Hampton Inn

Pythons???? Eeeek!


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