Saturday, February 16

The Pinnacles

One place I was really keen to see was The Pinnacles, just out of the seaside town of Cervantes, and I set off on my own, camera in hand ready to witness for myself these outstanding rocks in the midst of the desert in the Nambung National Park.

As I drove down south, I called into the little towns of Green Head, Jurien Bay, and stopped on many occasions to take photos.  It was a hot day - thank goodness for car air conditioning, and the fact that one could drive around on a designated roadway within the national park through the various rock formation.

The weather was wonderful, blue skies but with whisps of cloud traversing the sky often in weird and wonderful shapes and patterns.  The colour of the sand around the pinnacles seemed to change as the sun ducked under clouds and came out again, each time giving a different perspective.  I spent ages there taking close to 100 photographs.

There is an interpretive centre at The Pinnacles with plenty of information about this wonder of nature, along with a little shop to purchase souvenirs of your visit.

On the way back to Dongara I took several photos along the coast.  One place was rather amusing.  Clearly there is an incinerator the local residents to use, and whether there is a problem with it or outsiders have dumped there, I don't know, but I did find it quite amusing to see what rubbish was dumped at its base.

Fires have decimated this area some time ago, and one can see the wonderful new growth as the bush regenerates.

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